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Multitechav & Aduma is an interactive, touch and motion technology market leader.

Our innovative solutions create a new dimension of communication in terms of form, strength of impact and effectiveness, transforming the target from a passive viewer to an active and engaged participant. From interactive walls, floors and bars to the largest interactive video walls in the world – no project is too ambitious. Our solutions are used by global brands – from technology companies and mobile carriers through financial institutions, museums and airlines to retail businesses. Join them and get in touch! 

Interactive floors & walls

Interactive floors turn the surface into a game, animation or advertisement which reacts to the movement of passers-by. It is a great way to capture attention, entertain and push marketing content. We offers complete solution with hardware, proprietary software which can be developed on a custom basis and remote content management tool.


Interactive walls are usually built of multiple seamless screens integrated into one large display . Likewise the floors , they react to the movement of passers-by, capture the audience’s attention and promote a desired content which nobody will pass by indifferently, making it a much more powerful tool than traditional digital signage solutions.

IFoot iQube

A revolutionary Plug&Play interactive floor system projecting 150 x 110 cm animations wherever you like. The integrated system contains projector, computer and movement sensors - all hidden in an esthetic and resistant casing. iQube system doesn’t require any installation and a small size of the device (50 x 50 x 50 cm) enable an easy transport. Just switch it on and enjoy the interactive entertainment in any space.


  • An interactive fun zone for kids (6x10 metres) and area for parents with WiFi connection
  • Fusion of tested solutions in malls: interactive floor (3x4 metres) and a multi touch table (46’’) which allow using technology at the same time by many people
  • New, free entertainment and a relaxing space which utilize ultramodern technologies including Augmented Reality Nice-looking, colorful arrangement with branding possibility
  • A great way to enhance the mall image and make it stand out from the competition

FAMILYSQUARE arrangement- elements Kinetic technologies Breakthrough multimedia solutions allowing for an absolutely touchless human- computer interaction. Navigation is based on the analysis of the movements of the person standing in front of the screen.


A complex, cutting-edge interactive system made of 45 integrated seamless 46’’ screens in a 15 x 3 configuration. The overall dimensions are 15,5 x 1,75 metres, making it the biggest public-display kinetic video wall in the world and a perfect and solution for shopping malls.

Functional overview
  • The system integrates 2 functionalities, providing interaction within 2 separate layers. The first layer is a large format graphics displayed on the entire wall, creating a coherent interactive panorama which reacts to the movement of passers-by in a 2-metre ’interaction zone’ (which starts 1 metre and finishes 3 metres off the screens).
  • Within the second layer the system is divided into 5 separate interactive modules, 3 metres wide and 1,8 metres high each (9 screens in a 3x3 configuration).
  • Each gesture-detecting module is designed for individual interaction. Multi touch technologies Software solutions for large format multi touch screens recognizing more than 2 simultaneous points of touch and offering an intuitive interaction for multiple users at the same time. 



  • Intuitive multi touch application handling (shifting, zooming, rotating a 3D mall map and photos with a whole hand)
  • Searching for shops by name, line of business, range of goods or offered services (e.g. it's enough to type in 'coffee' using a virtual keyboard to see a list of bars and coffee shops)
  • Remote management software which allows for programming on/off time, remote monitoring and minor failures resolution, remote update and upload of new applications Software for self-editing of the mall map (CMS) Statistics dashboard allows you to better understand your clients’ needs and expectations
  • Info kiosk may be equipped in a voucher printer and bar codes reader, which will allow to run discount campaigns


We offers top-notch custom multi touch software solutions which meet the needs of the most demanding customers and let them stand out from the crowd.


Award-winning Multimedia Library Thanks to the developed by Mutitechav&Aduma authoring tool distributed for free, the whole local. 21st community can create their own multi touch presentations, making the library a true century Agora.  


Apart from fully bespoke solutions mulitechav & Aduma also offers ready off-the-shelf multi touch products – Multi Touch Pack – designed to meet the critical needs of industries like hotels, events, retail and museum, to name just a few. Our software lets you build and showcase your own applications quickly and effortlessly by simply customizing existing templates with your branding, multimedia content and text to build unique multi touch experiences.


An extra digital layer to the world around you. The image captured by the camera is enhanced with two- or three-dimensional objects generated by a computer in real time. 

 Complete Augmented Reality solutions ( hardware + software)