3D HD Content Broadcasting

Multitech AV LLC can supply you with V3i's new HD Stereoscopic Camera System

3D HD content broadcasting UAE

3D Camera

Exciting New Features


  • Provides perfect stereoscopic images with real time auto-convergence
  • Horizontal moving axis convergence control type secures the best HD stereoscopic images by separated camera bodies and lenses
  • Zoom-convergence interworking function embedded
  • Adjustable in convergence point 5M to infinity.


3D HD Camera
3D Camera

Solid and Special Camera Mechanical System


  • The new Mechanical system supports lens and body separation for convergence control
  • Special motors and rails make camera sensors move 3mm double-ended
  • This unique convergence control system prevents any possibility of 3D distortion



3d HD Camera for broadcasters


3D HD Broadcast


Comparison of the Convergence Control Systems


3D HD Camera Comparison of Technologies


Detail Expressions of Convergence and Focus in Horizontal-moving Method



Other Progressive Parts

Sync Generator embedded 
Ability to receive outside sync signal and if no signal is found, automatically generates image sync signal according to the internal setting

Control Board for camera, lens and 3D functions 

  • Controls the left and right sensor’s brightness, color and other functions, and lens parameters at the same time
  • Drives the two motors to control convergence
  • Display some camera value such as iris, zoom, distance, etc.

Image Signal Processor 



  • Bypasses two images each from left and right image sensors to out or provides 3D formatted image for viewfinder, monitoring, or storage


Critical Issues encountered in 3D Cameras


All general camera bodies and lenses have an offset problem caused by the different optical center

The result of this optical center mismatching

3D Camera


  • Optical center position directs to a different point when zooming in and out
  • This problem is fatal in 3D shooting causes distortion as the 3D camera is using two different mismatched lenses and sensors