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Unique, innovative televisions only from Tech2O

This is the exciting bit. You’re about to discover a truly unique range of products – televisions you won’t find anywhere else.

Before we introduce you, there’s something you need to know...

Tech2O televisions really are one-of-a-kind. We work with the manufacturers to design and build televisions solely for Tech2O customers. So we bring you the industry-leading features and innovations you want…

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Top of the range mirror televisions from Tech2O

Tech2O Wall-Mounted Mirror Televisions provide the ultimate TV solution without taking over your room with a bulky or ugly black box type TV! With no need to compromise on the design of your space, choose an ultra-slim wall mounted TV, which looks just like a framed mirror when switched off.

Picture quality is unsurpassed; all our televisions boast super-bright full HD (1920 x 1080) quality – as well as built-in HD Freeview and Smart-TV features. 

Connoisseur television

The Tech2O Wall Mounted Mirror TV is suitable for home and commercial applications, including those requirements that would rather hide the fact that they have televisions some of the time! Each mirror can be customised with a variety of frame options, which will integrate with your chosen style or decor. With TV sizes ranging from 32” up to 65”, our Mirror Televisions will fit right in.

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Innovative mirror technology

The Tech2O proprietary technology means that it is not just a mirror placed over a TV screen, but instead a solution that has been specifically designed, fit for purpose and without compromise on image quality and affordability.

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The Tech2O bathroom television range

New technology means TV works around our life and our schedule. From the everyday – rolling news in the shower, to the indulgent – a long hot soak in the bath – with your favourite shows, TV is finally ‘access all areas’. Event television happens when and where we decide.

Tech2O’s bathroom televisions have all been specially designed for use in high-humidity, wet environments – in or around your shower, sauna, swimming pool, bathroom, boat or Jacuzzi….

Bathroom television innovation

We created the first Tech2O bathroom television in 2008 – the result of five years continuous development. It helped define the bathroom television market. With full input from our customers, we’ve been innovating ever since.

This is our flagship range – the widest range of bathroom televisions available anywhere.

Bathroom televisions aren’t niche any more. So our wide range gives you:

  • A choice of sizes and finishes to fit your circumstances (as well as your design aesthetic)
  • Robust, impermeable casings and waterproof technology approved to CE safety standards
  • Sizes from a modest 15” apartment friendly model through to super-size 65” TVs for your swimming pool.

Beautiful bathroom televisions

Ultra-thin, sleek and chic – that’s our design aesthetic. These aren’t re-purposed televisions, they’re specifically bathroom televisions and beautiful mirror televisions – with all of the build quality, guaranteed safety features, and impeccable design you’d expect.

Unparalleled picture and sound quality combine with practical features like waterproof remote control and mist-free technology to make a fuss-free, faultless viewing experience.

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Fitting perfectly in to your unique space, switched OFF it is a mirror, switched ON the TV picture is bright, vivid and clear

Tech2O Magic Mirror Televisions are not only waterproof (with mist proof technology) but also create a dual-purpose solution. When off or on standby it is a fine quality mirror, switched on it will reveal a stunning HD TV picture without sacrificing quality of image - Tech2O brand at its stunning best!

Each mirror TV can be uniquely customised

So whatever size, wherever you want to watch, we can create your perfect mirror TV. Television sizes range from 15” all the way up to 65” and mirrors are custom-made to your specific size/shape requirement. Decide whether the TV screen occupies the whole frame or just a portion of it. You can even choose your favourite frame from a range of stylish options or go for a frameless finish.

Suitable for bathroom, home and commercial applications

Transform a no-frills bathroom into the ultimate hangout and perfect place to relax. Create a stylish addition to your living space by hanging a beautifully framed mirror above your mantelpiece, which becomes a spectacular HD TV at the flick of the remote control!  Or, wow your customers, clients and staff using Tech2O Magic Mirror solutions in your place of business.

State of the art mirror TV technology

The Tech2O proprietary technology means that it is not just a mirror placed over a TV screen, but a TV screen specifically designed and fit for purpose without compromising on image quality and affordability. A beautiful and versatile TV option.


Hassle free installation

There are many ways to mount your mirror TV. We recommend an ‘in-wall’ installation for a flawless, flush finish (however it can be fixed ‘on-wall’ if you would prefer). We appreciate that every installation can be different and we can tailor the mounting method to suit your exact requirement.

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Installation Reference

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