Animated LED Signage

Multitech AV presents a unique signage technology which has never been installed in the Middle East, with patents pending from our Korean supplier Kingyoo - Animated LED Signage. Lets you convert any back-lit sign into an LED-backlit animated sign. For the first time, fade and transition effects are applied for signs. This not only gives a Digital Signage like effect, but also reduces your costs to a phenomenal extent. Here we present a few videos which will explain how the signage can be crafted as per your requirement:


Animated Posters:

Convert any static posters, traditionally back-lit using flourecent tube or LED lamps, into animated posters.








Phone Shop Signage:

Brilliant animations on a Phone Shop sign can attract more customers.






Converting traditional signage:

A traditional back-lit sign which is created using electrical, CFL or LED lighting, can be converted into a more dynamic alternative to digital signage using our technology. It becomes a much cost-effective and far less complex method. The examples below prove it.








Retail and Restaurant Signage:

Attract more customers and guests to your shops and restaurants by making incorporating animation on your signage. Very low on investment, although outstanding on your decor. We provide FF&E / Fit-Out companies with a turnkey solution, from prototyping to installation.






Fuel Station Signage:

The Fuel stations can be made to look much better with this technology. The brand gets a face-lift and so does the city. Especially in this part of the world where petrol is cheaper than water and vehicals are driven more than bicycles.






Outdoor Billboards:

If the objective of your billboard is just to engage and enhance, why spend millions on HD LED billboards? By incorporating this technology you can have an amazing effect that covers the audience response time and uplifts the brand image. This is the best cost-effective alternative for back-lit billboards, and the best part it it doesn't use CCFL, but LED with dimming functions!