60" Seamless Plasma

Video Wall Dubai: Presenting 60" Seamless Plasma Screens: World's thinnest Bezel Width, ideal for your business

Presenting 60" Seamless Plasma Video Wall Screens: World's thinnest Bezel Width, ideal for your business in Dubai

Presenting 60" Seamless Plasma Video Wall Screens: World's thinnest Bezel Width, ideal for your business in Dubai

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The best Video Wall in Dubai:

Maximize your information delivery with Multitech AV's exclusive product. Manufactured by our Korean partner using LG panels, is not as expensive as you think.

A phenomenal choice for video wall projects. A jaw-dropping display!


  • 100% Made in Korea
  • Uses LG panels
  • Green Technology: Energy Saving, Lead and Mercury free
  • 1.4 mm seam gap

This product is only available in the Middle East by Multitech AV. We can carry out supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the video wall ourselves. This is a cost-saving opportunity for you, as you do not have to go via any other company.

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This super-large video wall, which highlights Korean engineering excellence, takes pride in being the world's slimmest thickness of the screen bezel - 2.8mm. A joint between screens is only 1.4mm, which makes a unified image as good as a large single screen.


Presenting 60" Seamless Plasma Video Wall Screens: World's thinnest Bezel Width, ideal for your business in Dubai

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Diverse Application Areas

This large seamless video wall in an airport is an engaging, amazing, dynamic system that increases customer satisfaction by conveying the latest information in an ever-changing scenario. It can help improve operational efficiency and contribute to a safer security environment within the airport.


The 60" PDP video wall is capable of displaying large format HD videos and airport messaging via it's existing Digital Signage system.  This provides high definition and vivid images, making it possible to divide the video wall into various zones for the content.

Extra information can be displayed quickly, frequently and effectively anywhere in the airport. From the moment passengers enter the airport, they can find all the information needed to make their trip a more pleasant experience - and minimize surprises. Clarity's variety of large screen digital displays can be located behind check-in counters, at boarding gates and baggage centers, and on concourses.


This Plasma wall transforms your marketing objectives into three-dimensional environments that draw energy and focus to the central idea, brand message, or corporate identity you wish to communicate to your audience…with clarity, vision, and commitment to your success.


Our Video Wall with your exhibition stand design services integrate to provide 'seamless' results that are delivered on time and on budget.

A reception area using this video wall can be created at the heart of the stand, which can prove to be very successful at the show. A large screen linked the stand together allows the use of high level branding. Your supporting printed voiles suit the product perfectly and allowes the stand to remain light, open and inviting.


The right design can make the difference between a space for a hotel lobby to add to the wow factor. But yet when it comes to large format digital displays, your options are limited or just don’t exist due to  limitations inherent in the space.


Basic digital displays are generally either too bulky or do not offer sufficient display area (esp. LCD screens). Many only support their respective proprietary systems. You can give any configuration for our 60" plasma wall. Make it portrait, landscape or even as a strip.

With the Multitech AV 60" plasma, guests at the hotel lobby will feel the difference. They will be delighted and uplifted to see a screen of this size.


The most significant advantage of the Multitech AV 60" screen-made video wall is the ability to use it to enhance an environment.


Techoration — Making Technology a part of interior decoration is the best bet with this video wall. The more popular formats are 2x2, 3x2, 3x3 and 4x4. The area required to set up a video wall depends on the size of display. All you need is a nice HD video with your corporate showcase or even a slideshow will play smoother than ever.

This video wall, being one of the best visual marketing tools, can be used for any business and not limited to those with large technology and marketing budgets. They can be configured to allow interaction with the passerby or programmed to stream video or images 24 hours a day. Everyone naturally are glued to the television display making video walls an ideal method to deliver a highly targeted message to the viewer.


Schools and Universities can leverage the application of this video wall to an optimum extent. Can be used in a vertical 1x3 or 1x4 configuration, making it an excellent choice for a classroom.


Multitech AV's video wall using 60" plasma screens can be converted into a Multi-touch interface, an e-board or just as a digital information display. Because of the lowest seam gap in the world, you can't even see it different than a large screen. Students are well versed with technology these days, this can act as the biggest ipad anyone has ever seen.


This videowall basically can function like a huge screen, larger screen than any screen you have in the market. At schools or universities it can act as the perfect aid for students in this world of ultra-modern trends which children and young adults are an integral part of.



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