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D3 LED Displays

We offer the Middle Eastern market something simple - the best LED screens in the world.


Offering you D3 LED OOH media screens, the ones which dominate NY Times square. The D3 people say..

"The big advantage of a D3 LED Display isn’t how much better it looks today, its how much better it will look 4 years from now.”


D3 LED Displays in UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The True Element Control System is the workhorse that powers all D3 LED displays. True Element is a Gigabit Ethernet based data delivery system that provides a reliable, bidirectional data delivery stream to the LED display via a standard signal protocol. TrueElement Control System delivers unprecedented image quality with advanced features like 16-bit image processing, enhanced photo-quality resolution mode, Gamma Color Correction, and advanced color calibration control to each and every diode. This state of the art LED control system is packed with powerful diagnostic features like Failure Notication, Verication of Data Transmission, and Thermostatic Monitoring of each module. If a fan inside a module fails, the True Element controller will automatically shut o the display to prevent the display from overheating. This Windows based control system provides an easy to navigate environment that can be scaled to suit any LED display conguration. The system is easily managed using familiar protocols, and was designed to be forward compatible with new platforms like Vista.



We can actually assure you that if you invest in a LED display solution by D3, you don't have to worry about it for the next 5 years.



Advanced mechanical design features in True Element Outdoor Modules deliver the ultimate LED display feature set. Each True Element Outdoor Module is a self-contained display system in it’s own weather proof housing. Maintenance is easyeach module is front and rear accessible via a spring loaded, four-point latching system can be actuated from the front or back with no special tools required to remove and replace module. Two vacuum molded rear cover panels protect internal electronics, providing two additional levels of moisture protection. These removable rear cover subassemblies provide quick access to power supplies. The True Element Modules are small in size (14.9”x14.9”) allowing for exible design congurations. Weight and size are an important safety factor when working at high elevations. Each True Element Module weighs less than 20 pounds. Each True Element modules also hosts it’s own on-board memory with internal addressing and color calibration data. There is no need to recongure replacement modules: if a module is replaced, it automatically imports it’s address and calibration data from it’s neighbors.

D3 LED Displays in Dubai, Abu Dhabi


Why create box-type displays? Get out of the box and intgrate the LED display into your existing architechture, any shape, any size! Like the award winning ABC screen at times square.

ABC Screen at D3, Times Square, NY


Smart Module Construction™

  • Spring loaded four-point latching system
  • Front and rear serviceability
  • Recessed power/data connections to prevent water damage
  • Split internal air paths to cool power supply and PCB independently
  • Simplified wiring design
  • Temperature sensors in every module
  • No special tools to remove and replace module
  • Simple replacement and service of power supply via removable rear cover sub-assembly
  • Lightweight design 3 voltage PFC power supplies
  • Nichia diodes




True Element Color™


The TrueElement™ pixel takes color-depth and brightness to an unmatched level in LED display systems. Our new TrueElement display product utilizes a color-theory based diode placement array and special processing algorithms to maximize color output and brightness.


This 16-bit color data, together with our unique power management system actually broadens the spectrum of a particular color delivering a truly more vibrant, brighter image on the LED display.


With TrueElement™, every single diode in the LED array displays the full 16-bits of color data. Unlike other processors, TrueElement color data is processed at the 16-bit data rate at every point along the signal path. thereby retaining a more accurate resulting color. With more powerful driver chips and processing power, TrueElement is indeed the next generation in LED image processing, delivering an unprecidented depth of accurate, vibrant colors.




Indoor Resolutions


  • 10mm
  • 6mm

Outdoor Resolutions


  • 24mm
  • 20mm
  • 16mm
  • 12mm
  • 10mm
  • 8mm

We challenge you to find a better, brighter and superior LED screen in the Middle East, than the one which we have installed at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Abu Dhabi Airport LED Screen created and installed by D3 LED