About Us

Bill Gates

“We're changing the world with technology.”

~ Bill Gates


At Multitech AV we embrace technology. Although it is everywhere, technology has become the 'whole and soul' of today's urban landscape. Multitech AV strives to bring latest AV, Digital Signage and Lighting technological trends to you, in a way that it becomes a new experience. We try to promote the most cutting-edge audio-visual technologies which serve not only as consumer engagement methods, but also modern masterpieces which dazzle audiences.


Multitech AV, Who?


We are a group of professionals - namely business developers, engineers, designers and enthusiasts who love what they do. We understand each aspect of our business right from crafting a perfect solution in your proposal to making sure superior logistics get you the solution safely. Our positive attributes are about not just working a 9-5 shift, but to be passionate enough that if you call even at 2 AM, we will be there to serve.



And What does Multitech exactly do anyway?


A formal introduction would be more like:


Multitech AV is an Audio-Video and Lighting solutions company. Our key Areas include Digital Display Solutions as well as AV Solutions, where we take care of the following:


  • Consulting
  • Design and Engineering
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


Multitech AV products cater to different verticals which include facilitating the right solutions with a superb technology.

The objective is to bring you the best of the best from the Audio-Visual and Digital Signage world.


How long have we been doing this stuff?



Multitech AV was established in 2003 by Mr. S. Sharma. He still serves as the Managing Director and is thoroughly involved in each project carried out. So we've come a long way and seen technology grow by leaps and bounds, especially in the AV arena. Right from the times when a 32" LCD screen would cost what a 55" LED screen costs today.


And where is Multitech AV in this wide, wide world?

Burj Al Arab


We are located in one of the most phenomenal cities in the world - Dubai. As you will already know the city is all about being the best and the biggest in the world. Tallest building, largest mall, biggest man-made island, god only knows what would be the next biggest artificial sensation.

Multitech AV really fits in well here - in the middle of the city, exactly between the newer developed Dubai and the old one. We are located very close to the Times Square Mall, on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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