Welcome to Multitech AV LLC, Dubai. Your one-stop shop for Seamless Plasma, LCD & LED Video Walls, Digital Signage Systems, Outdoor & Indoor LED Signs, Touch & Multi-touch Screens, Audio-Visual and Lighting Solutions.


  • Direct distribution of most products, no third parties or other distributors involved
  • One of the top companies in the Middle East for Video Walls
  • Custom requirements undertaken with direct supply chain from our Korean Partners
  • We are 'Solution-Oriented' although Product-Focussed. We always work with the clients to craft a perfect answer to their challenges
  • Known for superior after-sales support
We are obsessed with visual media technologies. Helping advertising and interior fit-out companies since more than 7 years, there is no single visual media solution we can't help you with. Be it complex multi-screen setups, digital signage systems for retail or LED screens which last for years, just give is a call and we'll be there to serve you!

Ideally, advertising aims at the goal of a programmed harmony among all human impulses and aspirations and endeavors. Using handicraft methods, it stretches out toward the ultimate electronic goal of a collective consciousness.

~ Marshall McLuhan (Communication theorist)

Multitech AV LLC, Dubai aims to bring you the best methods which empower communication. Utilizing the most predominant senses - Audio & Vision, we strive to present technologies which dazzle, baffle and intrigue your audience.

We would have easily said, "We are the best", or "Anything in Audio & Video"... but there is a philosophy to the way we work and what we bring to the table. We've maintained our portfolio in a manner with which our customers are delighted and partners are assured.

We, at Multitech AV LLC act as the exclusive distributors as well as the turnkey solution providers for cutting-edge digital media technology solutions. It's not just the flair and splendor, we make sure the technology is reliable, cost-effective and maintain green credentials.